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"Chiggers caught me by surprise. It was miserable. Brookskin, not only brought relief, it caused me to stop cussing. Literally. Thank you, Brookskin. I tried several other options and Brookskin made the difference.
Thank you.

Annetta Sutton
Minneapolis, MN

"I bought a bottle of Brookskin for my two teenage daughters to try for their acne . It was truly amazing how it cleared up my oldest daughter "back ne" and my youngest daughters face within two days . It does work! I have also used it on my own acne along with the pain I have had in my hamstring. It does sting at first but it does work! I'm an avid outdoors exerciser with my dog and whenever I pull a muscle or have been on my feet too long from work I just rub a little liniment on my skin and the pain goes away within an hour. Thank you Brookskin!!"

St. Paul, MN

"I have suffered from Postherpetic neuralgia - shingles nerve pain - for over a year and a half, until I discovered BrookSkin. I tried every medication, prescription and over the counter, and nothing helped. It was painful to even wear a shirt.

A friend recommended BrookSkin (and I was skeptical). When I used it as directed, I felt better within 24 hours!

I'm not cured - BrookSkin never promised a cure. But my pain is less. And I can do more of the things I wasn't able to do before. It feels as if BrookSkin has given me back my old life. I just hope others can discover the benefits of BrookSkin."

Dean Cripps
Hutchinson, MN

"My experience with BrookSkin Liniment over the past 3 years has been very positive. I have multiple uses for it. I first used it on a recurring dermatitis under my eyes. Every winter for 15 years I would get red dry patches that would itch and swell. I'd gone to multiple dermatologists, with multiple therapies, but none were successful. I used BrookSkin and it disappeared within a week and it has never recurred (be careful not to get it in your eyes though!)

Also, when I have pulled muscles, I get out the liniment and slather it on and the pain disappears! It's really phenomenal stuff."

Deb Larson
Saint Anthony, MN

"Thank you for developing BrookSkin...truly a life-saver for me! I have been suffering from post herpetic neuralgia since I came down with shingles last July. It not only left me with the most debilitating pain I have ever had, but also punctured the ear drum of my right ear with a consequent loss of hearing. Chewing was so painful that I lost over 25 pounds. An ablation of the trigeminal nerve very close to it was also damaged. There is no recommended surgery for it, not even the gamma knife. The hope that pain medications would help was all I had left. Many different medications were tried but nothing really worked.

That's when I was blessed with a miracle. Through your sister's inquiry about my health at our annual Pancake Supper last February, I was introduced to BrookSkin! It brought the only REAL relief I had experience in all those months. Now I am able to control the pain so well that I am back enjoying my usual activities, my yard work, and even line dancing. (I am now 87 years old.) Since I can enjoy eating again, my weight and energy level is almost back to normal. I carry BrookSkin with me wherever I go, but find I need it less often now. BrookSkin has none of the drug side effects and costs only a fraction of most pain medications. My hope is that anyone suffering from neuralgia of any kind will learn about BrookSkin!"

Dorothy Wayt
Cortez, CO

"BrookSkin is the best remedy I've found for neuralgic pain encountered after a shingles attack on my forehead. I don't know what else I would do without it because nothing else works like it does to stop the pain. It tingles when applied and quickly soothes the daily pain that develops from my right eyebrow across half the forehead. If you want a let-up from pain, nothing beats the BrookSkintreatment."

George Beran
St. Paul, MN

"I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this BrookSkin product for my husband's shingles pain. He has had the most painful pain for 8 months and I tried every single product that I could find to apply on him to try and get some relief. I was reading many blogs from people suffering from this pain when I happened to see one that mentioned BrookSkin. I immediately Googled it and found this website. I ordered 1 bottle here, and 1 bottle from Amazon, as I wanted to make sure I received it. The seller called me immediately to see if I had made a mistake and only wanted 1. He combined them both together and sent them. Since that time, my husband has found relief and has instructed me to make sure I don't run out. I just want to shout it from the rooftops, it works!!!!!!!!!!"

Janet Belt
Fresno, CA

"My wife at times suffers from cold sores. She applied one of BrookSkins products, and she is extremely happy with the recovery results. Thank you BrookSkins. "

Jim Tooman
La Jolla, CA

"Brookskin is like magic. If you use it at the first tingle of a cold sore, then you won't get one at all. But, if you miss that window of opportunity and get a cold sore, Brookskin shortens its duration dramatically. Recently, during a time of particular stress in my life, I managed to get rid of one cold sore and immediately got another one. Both of them were gone in about a third of the time that it normally takes to get rid of one. Magic."

Prescott, Arizona

"I'm using your product on seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp. So far it has really helped and is much less messy than the creams my dermatlolgist prescribed (and which didn't work all that well).I began using the product about six times every day; I now use it whenever I experience an outbreak. I'm extremely pleased with the results! Thanks so much for developing this wonderful herbal liniment with such a convenient applicator."

Marian H.
Cortez, CO

"Brookskin has been a great help in keeping our family's acne in check."

Steve Carver
Minnetonka, MN



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I carry BrookSkin with me wherever I go. It has none of the drug side effects and costs only a fraction of most pain medications. I hope anyone suffering from neuralgia will learn about BrookSkin!
Dorothy from Cortez, CO

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